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The city of Tandil, in Buenos Aires, had its first factory in 1942. The factory was given the name of “La Movediza” by its founders, Mr. Carlos Allende and Mr. Timoteo Marquina. It was the creativity of these entrepreneurs which created a remarkable seedbed of followers that made Tandil to be closely associated with the history of the criollo knife.

Artesanos del Tandil  S.R.L  (ADT) recalls and extends the work of this legion of creative characters from Tandil, adding up to the evolution that allowed the criollo knife to reach, not only the Art of tradition but also the Science and Technology of today.

ADT materializes these words by offering, as a tribute to the cutlery of Tandil, its most evolved development, the criollo knife, which has been given the name of SEIGEN Hygieia.


The origin of the criollo knife lies in German models from the seventeenth century. These knives were commercialized in the Río de la Plata and residents from that time found that the usefulness of these knives was unique for the tasks they practiced. Since then, the German knife became the criollo knife and its Río de la Plata evolution started.


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