ADT initiated its activities in 2003, with an over 30 year-prior history of its Master Craftsman, Máximo P. Coll, in the design of blades for criollo knives, handles and rope-braiding. ADT has the SEIGEN Germany famous brands and registered industrial designs. This is a tribute that ADT pays to the German origin of the criollo knife, and the Argentinean brand ÑANDÚ, in memory of the Río de la Plata evolution of the criollo knife.

The most essential foundational premise of the enterprise is the application of Art, Science and Technology to the improvement of its products.

In 2011, ADT joined TOBAY Industrial Company from China. With a previous exchange of more than 8 years with this company, which is now our partner, we got them to have thorough understanding of the strict requirements imposed by our Master Craftsman to his designs, as well as the compliance with the ADT Certifications described below.

Recently, the enterprise offers as a Service, the design and/or production of new items to THIRD PARTIES, including their importation. These new productions incorporate ADT Certifications.

The mission of Artesanos del Tandil SRL is the generation of innovative products to the level of our budgets, with documented technical and scientific support of quality, industrialization and food safety.

The view of Artesanos del Tandil SRL is to benefit its customers by making up for the technological disparities existing in our country in relation to the most developed countries, with respect to:
• Design and production of traditional knives
• Design and production of forks
• Design and production of other gastronomy-related products
• Design and production of jewelry in hypoallergenic metals

ADT Certifications

Our Master Craftsman, Máximo P. Coll, accomplished the blade designs for criollo knives by maintaining the cultural identity, as it is recognized by the National Endowment of the Arts.

Art, Science or Technology are not proclamations posted in paper, but are inspiration and experimentation. The validity of the foundational commitment of ADT to offer facts to its customers is reflected in the certification of its products by recognized national and international entities.

In 2011, our blades for criollo knives and forks were subjected to the most challenging tests in Argentina and we achieved the certification of IFIMAT (Institute of Physics of Materials, Tandil) of the National University of the Center of Buenos Aires Province. Our steels also approved the evaluation by INTI (National Institute of Industrial Technology).

On 01/15/2013 we passed the international evaluation by AOV Testing Technology Co. Ltd., (Technology for inspection, verification, testing and certification). The certification awarded by this organization is recognized by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) from the USA. The high standards achieved, enable us to export our products to the United States.

Without extra cost for our customers, we now provide safety about the quality and safety of steels when they are in contact with food, even for prolonged periods, which is granted by national and international organizations.

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